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issues for New York State : presentations and discussion from Part-Time/Shared Jobs "84, a conference sponsored by the Part-Time/Shared Job Project at the Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY, on September 18, 1984
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Part-Time/Shared Job Project, NYS Dept. of Civil Service , Albany, N.Y
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StatementRose A. Levensohn, editor ; Caroline C. Sever, project director.
ContributionsLevensohn, Rose A., Sever, Caroline C., New York (State). Part-Time/Shared Job Project, Part-Time/Shared Jobs "84 (Albany, N.Y.)
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Job sharing comes in many forms. One common approach is where one full-time position is shared by two people working part time. In this practical guide, two people who successfully shared a job for over five years will take you through the steps to: * find out if job sharing will suit you * find a compatible job-share partner who is just as.

If you're looking for a better balance in your life, or a change in the way you manage your career and family life, there is a solution that could work for you - job sharing. Job sharing comes in many forms. One common approach is where one full-time position is shared by two people working part time.

Job Sharing: Two Heads Are Better than One (Making It Happen series) [O'Hanlon, Mary, Morella, Angela] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Job Sharing: Two Heads Are Better than One (Making It Happen series)Cited by: 2. Part time working and job sharing. book, however, the. Department. The Part-time to Part-time Job Mobility could be an additional Source of Productivity for Companies.

This paper examines the nature and level of flexible employment in the National Health Service (NHS) by investigating the extent to which part‐time work and job sharing arrangements are used in the provision and delivery of health care.

It attempts to analyse the reasons for an increasing number of part‐timers and a very limited number of job sharers in the NHS and to explain the Cited by: Job sharing is a form of part-time employment in which the schedules of two or more part-time employees are arranged to cover the duties of a single full-time position.

Generally, a job sharing team means two employees at the same grade level but other arrangements are possible.

Job sharers are subject to the same personnel policies as other. Job sharing allows employees to hold a position and still have time to spend with children or take care of other family responsibilities.

A full-time employee might be allowed to shift to part-time—either as part of a job share, or simply as a reduction in working hours—and still continue in the same position.

As a Jobshare specialist, one of the common questions and misunderstandings we come up against is “but how is Jobsharing different to part-time?” Successfully differentiating between part-time. Job sharing is a special type of part-time employment in which two or more employees share the duties of a single, full-time position.

Job sharers may each work part of a day or work alternate days or weeks. Here’s how it may benefit the employer: Improve recruiting by attracting qualified employees who don’t want to work fulltime.

The same appointment book. The same phone number. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CAREERS / PART-TIME CAREERS: Compatible Partners Make Job Sharing a Win-Win Option - Los Angeles Times.

Before starting part time work or job sharing, work through the above considerations, crunch the numbers, talk with your insurance company and negotiate all the details with your group. As with any contract, get it all in writing. Job sharing means that two (or more) workers share the duties of one full-time job, each working part time, or two or more workers who have unrelated part-time assignments share the same budget line.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not address job sharing.

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Job sharing is a matter of agreement between an employer and an employee (or the employee's representative). SOLUTION The term "job sharing" was first coined in the s to denote one full-time job shared by two people. It is used when a position requires a full-time commitment or cannot easily be divided into two part-time jobs.

It is not two people working part-time jobs in parallel. That’s just part-time work. Job sharing is two people, through shared responsibilities, identity, and accountability, occupying one position. They are a single unit, a team. Laurie Cremona Wagner and Elaine Miller have been job-sharing, career partners for years.

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Job sharing is a matter of agreement between an employer and an employee, or the employee’s representative. According to the Civil Service for Employees there are no job sharing contracts as such.

Job sharing contracts are part time contracts: two individuals are engaged to perform parts of the same job. Non-manual part-time work and job-sharing in UK local government in the s Celia M. Stanworth University of Greenwich Business School, London, UK Pages   Job sharing, Allen believes, “offers something that part-time and flexible working can’t”.

Allen adds that it’s a seamless service for employers and clients because some senior jobs just. The lure of a steady salary and job stability, while also having the flexibility to take care of dependents, advance education or simply enjoy better work-life balance, is understandable.

Alongside the rise in part-time and flexible working options, job sharing is an attractive option that is increasing in popularity among organizations worldwide.

wholetime teachers in two different schools apply to job share. Download Web Book.

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Edition 2, 27th June, 2 b) A teacher applies to job share and the employer is willing to recruit a teacher for the balance of the available hours on a specified purpose (fixed term) contract which. It's difficult to find a job share partner because most employees cannot afford to work part-time.

All in all, a job share can successfully serve the employees, employer, and customers. Hopefully, this information will assist you to predict the potential difficulties and barriers that employers and employees may experience in a job share situation.

job sharing, extended holiday and vacations, social service leaves, and phased retirement. Our primary purpose is to provide private sector employers with the practical, concrete information they need and seek to determine the viability of various work sharing arrangements.

The book demonstrates the. Sharing a job can offer the continuity of full time work with the benefits to the individual of part time arrangements. Rosamund Jones and Helen Crawley discuss Part time work has always been available in the NHS but often in low profile jobs with poor career progression.

Despite a survey showing that 73% of women doctors and 10% of men wished to work part time at some stage,(1) opportunities. Part-time job. Needs to be open-minded and active listening and verbal communication skills. Commitment to compl90 minute interviews, prepare for sessions, upload the audio recording, work as part of a virtual team, follow After around eight years of sharing a job at the Eastern Bank, the sharing of the job has moved like a team to the lending group at Boston.

Disadvantages of Job Sharing: Just like the advantages, the disadvantages of job sharing are plenty. Keep reading to find out what they are and how one can learn to avoid such situations in the future. Additional Physical Format: Online version: Balancing work and family demands through part-time employment and job sharing.

[Washington, D.C.?]: Office of Personnel Management, Office of Labor Relations and Workforce Performance, Work and Family Program Center, [].

Job-sharing has been defined as a ‘part-time contract in which two [employees] are jointly responsible for the workload of one position’ (Freeman and Coll, 65). In effect, job sharing happens when two part-time workers split one full-time position. It can be great for employees seeking part-time employment, and also for companies, since they get two part-timers tackling the same job.

If you’re considering a job share as a flexible work option, these five tips can ensure success: Ditch your ego. Job sharing is a type of flexible work arrangement in which two people work part-time schedules to complete the work one person would do in a single full-time job.

Job sharing is a fairly uncommon practice in the private sector; a SHRM study found that among organizations that have formal flexible work arrangements, only 8 percent have a formal. Job sharing is a matter of agreement between an employer and an employee (or the employee's representative)." Forbes' article on "How Job Sharing May Be the Secret to Work-Life Balance" notes, "Job sharing is not two people doing a part-time job.

Job sharing is one job description, one identity created by two people. Ms. Konwinski's job-sharing arrangement is an example of how a small but growing number of mothers of young children are finding time for their families, yet continuing to hold high-level jobs.

In job sharing, two or more employees perform the work of a full-time position, each taking part of the total workload for the job.

For example, one job-sharing employee might work three eight-hour shifts a week and the other would take two such shifts at the same job. In some ways, job sharing is simply another name for part-time work. Part-time and job-share policies may allow pharmacy practice faculty members to achieve work/life balance while pursuing their professional goals.

Precedent for alternative work schedules within the health professions community can be found throughout the literature; however, little is known about part-time roles in academic pharmacy. Like car sharing, tandem employment means two — or more — part-time people share the same full-time job.

They’re not auditioning to see who wins the whole role or trying to outdo each other — they’re in it together to make two sets of part-time .